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Shabbat “Nachamu”
Parashat “Va’etchanan”
11 Menachem-Av 5780
July 31-August 1, 2020

Friday Evening – 6 PM   Saturday Morning – 9:30 AM


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, among them the limiting of indoor gatherings to no more than ten people, our synagogue is CLOSED until further notice.
Shabbat services Friday evening and Saturday morning will be led from the homes of Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan and livestreamed to our congregation’s YouTube channel.


Shabbat Services This Weekend, July 31-August 1, Via Livestream to YouTube, Led by Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan:
Friday evening, July 31 at 6 PM. 


Saturday morning, August 1 at 9:30 AM.  Har-El member Yoel (Prof. Christoph Schmidt) will deliver the sermon.


For the link to the livestream on our congregation’s YouTube channel, please click here .


Coming Together for a Congregational Havdalah by Zoom, This Saturday Evening, August 1:

This Saturday evening, August 1, members of the congregation are invited to come together for a congregational Havdalah on Zoom, led by Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan. 

Please note: at 8:15 PM members are invited to connect to Zoom to chat, and then at 8:30 PM the program will begin: songs, a Chassidic story, and Havdalah ceremony. We will conclude at around 9 PM.

For the Zoom link, please click here .


The program will also be livestreamed to our congregation’s YouTube channel (please click here).


Overseas Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the Egalitarian Kotel, July 31:

On Friday morning, July 31, brother and sister Yochai and Hannah Svartz from Brazil will be called to the Torah as bar and bat mitzvah, in a ceremony led by Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan.  Mazal tov to the family!


Many Thanks:

To Har-El member artist Hannah Yakin for designing a new certificate for bat mitzvah ceremonies held through our congregation, in addition to the new certificate for bar mitzvah ceremonies that she created earlier in the year.


Rabbi Ada's Classes Next Week:

On the Weekly Torah Portion "Ekev": Monday, August 3 at 5 PM.
For the Zoom link, please click here.


Weekly Class on the Prophet Jeremiah:Wednesday, August 5 at 11 AM.
For the Zoom link, please click here.


In addition to Zoom, one can watch the class live on Har-El's YouTube channel ( please click here ).


An Invitation to an Exhibition Titled “Shunra” at the Rakia Gallery:

Har-El member Lea Rakia invites the members of the congregation and the community at large to visit the “Shunra” (Aramaic for “cat”) exhibition being held at the Rakia Gallery in Jerusalem, through August 10.  For more details, please click here.


Sermons, Classes, and Tisha B’av Service– from Last Shabbat and the Past Week:

Sermons for Shabbat Parashat D’varim, July 24-25:

To view the sermon for Shabbat evening by Rabbi Ada, please click here.


To view the sermon for Shabbat morning by Rabbi Ada, please click here.


Rabbi Ada's Classes:

To view the recording of the class on the weekly portion Va’etchanan (focusing on Moses’ pleas in vain) from Monday, July 27, please click here.


To view the recording of the class on the prophet Jeremiah (focusing on the time of the destruction of Jerusalem, chapters 38-39, and chapter 5 of Eicha/Lamentations), held on Wednesday, July 29, please click here.


Tisha B’av Evening Service:

On Wednesday, July 29, a Tisha B’av service evening service was held, including the reading of the scroll of Eicha (Lamentations), via livestream.


Thank you and yishar koach to our members who participated in reading of Eicha: Inbar Erlich (chapter 2), Cantor Prof. Eliyahu Schleifer (chapter 3) and Har-El chairman Zvi Giladi (chapter 4).


Shabbat Shalom
and Wishes of Good Health
For Us All!

Chairman - Zvi Giladi

Rabbi - Ada Zavidov

Cantor - Evan Cohen
Administrator - Shany Shlomo


Kehilat Har-El
16 Shmuel Hanagid Street
Jerusalem 9459216 
Tel: +972-2-625-3841
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