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Shabbat Mevarchin
Parashat “Vayeshev"
23 Kislev 5782
November 26-27, 2021

Friday Evening – 5 PM   Saturday Morning – 9:30 AM


Shabbat Services This Weekend, November 26-27:

Shabbat evening service – Friday, November 26 at 5 PM.  In honor of Shabbat Mevarchin, during the service we will bless all those born in the coming Hebrew month of Tevet.


Shabbat morning service – Saturday, November 27 at 9:30 AM.  During the service we will celebrate the rabbinic ordination of Har-El member Dana Sharon (in the photo at her ordination).  Rabbi Dana will deliver the sermon and will also honor those present by sponsoring the kiddush. Mazal tov Rabbi Dana!


Services will be led by Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan, and as every week, will be livestreamed to Har-El’s YouTube channel using the following link:

as well as to our congregation’s Facebook page.


Chanukah Events at Har-El and the Egalitarian Kotel:


Lighting the Third Candle at Har-El with Har-El Member Rabbinic Student Miriam Klimova and the Members of Her Congregation from Haifa:

On Tuesday, November 30 at 6 PM, here at Kehilat Har-El we will welcome Har-El member and rabbinic student Miriam Klimova and the members of her congregation “Shirat Hayam Carmel” in Haifa (in the picture). Together we will light the third candle of Chanukah and hold a get-together between our two congregations, led by Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan, including singing Chanukah songs and sufganiyot.


Please honor our guests from Haifa with your presence!


Reform Movement Candlelighting at the Egalitarian Kotel:

On Thursday, December 2, at 7:30 PM, the Reform movement will hold a Chanukah candle lighting at the Egalitarian Kotel for the fifth candle, in partnership with the Reform congregations of Jerusalem and guests from congregations from around the world.  Rabbi Ada and Cantor Evan will be participating in the event.


As requested by the organizers of the event from the Reform movement, please click here to register.


*** Please note: In order to make it easier for our members to participate, our synagogue will order a minibus from Har-El to the Kotel and then back to Har-El following the event. 
The fee for the minibus: free for Har-El members, 10 NIS for each direction (20 NIS round trip) for non-members. 
Those interested in the minibus are asked to contact Har-El’s administrator, Shany Shlomo, via phone or WhatsApp: 053-649-9584.


Chanukiot Tour in the Jewish Quarter Organized by the Reform Movement:

Prior to the candlelighting event at the Kotel (see the announcement above), on Thursday, December 2, the Reform movement is organizing a guided chanukiot tour of the Jewish Quarter.  The walking tour will at 4:45 PM and conclude at the Egalitarian Kotel at 7 PM (for the candlelighting event).


To register and pay for the tour (the fee is a nominal charge and goes to the Reform Movement), please click here.


No Class on Monday, November 29, on the Book of Ezra and Nehemiah with Rabbi Ada:

The class will resume December 6 at 6 PM.


Come Join Us for a  Congregational Day-Trip to the Harod Valley Led by Har-El Vice Chairman Yaacov Nof:

On Thursday, December 16 we will go on a congregational day-trip and tour the Harod Valley (עמק חרוד) in the footsteps of the Bible, led by vice-chairman and tour guide Yaacov Nof.  We will leave Har-El at 8:30 AM and return to Har-El around 5:30 PM.


Among the places we will visit: Mt. Gilboa, the Iris Reserve, Mt. Giborim, the Jezreel Valley, and the Harod Spring.


Please note: the tour will not include a lot of walking, and is suitable for all of the members of the congregation.  The tour will be led in both Hebrew and English.  In addition, since we will be traveling in a minibus (a closed space), participation will be only for holders of the “green pass”.


Further details including the price will be published soon.  One can already sign up with Har-El administrator Shany Shlomo by phone or WhatsApp: 053-649-9584.


Batim Mibifnim – Open House” – Har-El Opens its Gates to the General Public:

Following a hiatus due to COVID-19, the batim mibifnim – Jerusalem-wide "open house" program returned, including the participation of our congregation.  As part of our participation in this program, we welcomed visitors Thursday afternoon/evening, November 18 and Saturday afternoon, November 20 following Shabbat services.

Tours for visitors were led by Rabbi Ada, Cantor Evan, and Har-El’s administrator, Shany.


Please click here to view pictures from batim mibifnim.


Special Guests During Batim Mibifnim:


Visit of Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Yossi Havilio esq.:

On Thursday, November 18, during batim mibifnim, we were honored to welcome Yossi Havilio esq., deputy mayor of Jerusalem.    At the conclusion of his visit to our congregation, he wrote the following (translated from the Hebrew) in our guest book:


"I would like to express my support for Kehilat Har-El and the Reform movement in general for its important work.  I'm at your side for any issue."

Yossi Havilio, deputy mayor of Jerusalem


Rabbi Ada meeting Gilad Uzan, who twenty years ago, together with his twin brother, became a bar mitzvah in a ceremony led by Rabbi Ada when she served as the rabbi of the Reform congregation in Tzur Hadasah.  Rabbi Ada was also the bar mitzvah tutor for the two brothers.  The photo is from Gilad's visit to Har-El on Saturday, November 20, during batim mibifnim.


Sermons for Shabbat Parashat "Vayishlach" 5782:

To watch the sermon delivered by Rabbi Ada on Friday evening, November 19, please click here.


To watch the sermon delivered by Rabbi Ada on Saturday morning, November 20, please click here.


Shabbat Shalom, Chodesh Tov,
Happy Chanukah,
and Wishes of Good Health to Everyone!

Chairman - Zvi Giladi

Rabbi - Ada Zavidov

Cantor - Evan Cohen
Administrator - Shany Shlomo


Kehilat Har-El
16 Shmuel Hanagid Street
Jerusalem 9459216 
Tel: +972-2-625-3841
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